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Squid Games Front Man Mask | Colors available

Squid Games Front Man Mask | Colors available

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Step into the mysterious world of the hit Korean series, Squid Games, with our "Front Man Mask." This intricately designed mask is the perfect addition to your Halloween costume or a unique gift for fans of the show.

Impressive Design and Fit

The Front Man Leader Mask captures the enigmatic essence of the character. With dimensions of 8.56" H x 6.05" W, this mask is sized to fit most adults. It covers the entire face, immersing you in the Squid Game universe. If you find the sides of the mask too narrow for your face, you can easily adjust the width by gently heating it with a hairdryer or heat gun and carefully stretching the sides outward.

Customizable Colors

While the original mask color is black, we offer personalized color options.

High-Quality Materials

Our Front Man Leader Mask is 3D printed using raw, durable, non-toxic, and biodegradable plastic (PLA) derived from cornstarch. This material ensures the mask's sturdiness while being environmentally friendly. Please keep in mind that the mask is UV and heat-sensitive, so avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat sources. Safety Measures For safety reasons, keep the mask away from children as it poses a suffocation hazard. We prioritize your well-being and want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience while wearing the mask.

Minor Imperfections Purchase Option

To offer flexibility, we provide a "minor imperfections" purchase option. This means that the mask may have minor blemishes on its surface, such as marks or lines. This option allows you to choose a mask with character at a discounted price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is this a physical mask or a digital file? This is a physical wearable mask, ready to be worn and enjoyed. 2. Does the mask come with a strap? Yes, the mask ships with a 1/2 inch strap attached, along with a small piece of padding for comfortable and secure wear. 3. Do I need to assemble any parts of the mask? No, the mask comes fully assembled and ready to wear. However, you can make shape adjustments as desired to ensure the best fit.

Ordering and Delivery

To place an order, simply select your preferred color option, add the mask to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Please note that delivery times range from 3 to 7 days, depending on your location and the shipping options you choose during checkout. For expedited delivery, select rush processing for an additional $15 and/or choose priority mail shipping.

Important Note

We do not accept returns or provide refunds unless exceptional circumstances apply. We are not responsible for any delays caused by the shipping carrier.

Join the Squid Games Phenomenon!

Immerse yourself in the world of Squid Game and make a statement with our "Front Man Leader Mask." Order now and experience the excitement and intrigue of this captivating series.
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